World of Aerthk.

Roughly 500 years after the end of civilization, survivors crawled out of the burrows they hid in to find themselves adapting to a new world. Humans repopulated and resettled the planet only to find wars of conquest and bitter deceptions and the true brutality of living on a world of scarcity. The short lives of humankind in the thick of chaos and anarchy could never see how the apocalypse hadn’t really changed mankind.

While the exact cause of the “end of the world” isn’t known most people know enough that it wasn’t any one thing alone. Old stories tell of “Seas” and “Oceans” where there is only sand now. Rumors tell of great wizard kings working openly or in the shadows and Orcs far in the North; scary tales are told of Drow coming from the feathers of fallen angel wings.

Grey World of Aerthk